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Logitech Zone Wireless Headset: Profound Recording Audio Quality

The increase in video meetings over the internet have led to a significant changes in the way we work and play. They have also made software like Zoom and Microsoft Teams household names. Logitech and headset manufacturers too have benefited from this trend with them being able to increase the sales of their audio visual products such as headsets, cameras and mics. 

Logitech Zone Wireless

Though the Zone Wireless Headsets were released back in 2019, before the COVID, they do have a number of features that make them indispensable during these times.

The number one feature is Active Noise Cancelling which works by identifying and differentiating between audio that is relevant, such as you talking or audio of a child in the background which should not be picked up on the call. This is done through the means of a dedicated secondary mic which is meant to pick up background noise. This is extremely helpful if you are in a room with others making noise such a crowded office room where others too are on separate simultaneous calls.

The second notable feature is the Qi wireless charging support. The headsets internal battery should be enough to power through an entire day of work with a 14-15 hours of usage time. When you are done for the day, you could easily place it on a Qi charging pod and have it ready for tomorrow. The charge time is 2 hours, it won't need the whole night but it's a good idea to leave the headset charging as a habit, so you never forget to charge it. 

However, note that you do not get a wireless charger with the headset. 

The headset works with both Bluetooth 5.0 and a standard USB-A based receiver, which means you still can use other Bluetooth devices without interruption in a crowded office environment as well as being able to use it on your phone when on the move. The Zone Wireless Plus receiver can connect to other Logitech devices too simultaneously, giving you better benefit if you are a heavy Logitech user. 

The mic has a brilliant audio capture range of 85 to 20,000Hz using two mic arrays, capturing wideband audio. The speakers have a decent output range but are not suitable for high-quality music. The speaker audio quality is really good, but not the best in terms of output range. 

The design of the headset is quite elegant and modern, with a curved, futuristic boom mic. The ear cushions are very comfortable, in line with Logitech’s standards. They are quite adjustable and extendable on both ends, allowing for a high degree of flexibility. It is also foldable which allows for easy storage while carrying around and charging. 

The headset also has a universal button which can perform call related functions -- to answer, end and reject calls and media related function -- to play and pause. It also has a volume up and down buttons to increase and decrease audio. 

At GBP200 and USD229 for the Zone Wireless and USD 259 for the Zone Wireless Plus, these headsets are worth the price for a long term investment in exceptional quality meetings. 

Tip: The only added "plus point" for the Zone Wireless Plus is to be able to connect to other Logitech accessories, which in our point of view is not worth the extra investment unless you have 2 or more other Logitech wireless accessories. 

Images: Logitech and David Carnoy/CNET