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This site needs to be, and will be, revamped

This site, over the coming months, will be revamped so that the content on it is more varied and random in nature covering whatever I may think of writing in the future.

For this, we’ll be turning to the power of incremental gains. The incremental or marginal gains is a concept of continuously improving something with small, meaningful, consistent upgrades and improvements over time. It obviously takes much more longer to overhaul something big and the changes might be so gradual that I won't be able to get a lot of please over it, however it makes sure a project gets going even as a large chunk of time cannot be dedicated to it.

To keep this possible, I’m also going to self-impose a limitation of 350 words per post so I know the goals I set aren’t too much for me.

Maybe prose and short stories may come this way, for which the limitation of 350 will cause them to be posted in two or more parts.


According to this article, overtime, incremental gains add up to a significant improvement. These incremental gains can be in any process that makes up the larger project. The person behind this, Sir Dave Brailsford, was responsible for British cycling and he identified minor weaknesses in every aspect of cycling from making the brakes more aerodynamic to painting the floor of truck white to make dust visible. These resulted in major gains in the Olympics and Tour de France.

Here is a screenshot of the current website for historical reflective purposes. The content model was unsustainable due to the narrow field of focus on peripherals. It also needs to be more red!

An old (hopefully) image of this site.

The incremental gains article shows how the concept can be applied to every aspect of life from competitive eating to exams.

And this site needs more science.




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