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Connor was meeting with one of his researchers, when Denise entered the large office room of Kategat’s Economic Secretary, situated within the east wing of Government Headquarters. The Secretary had a report in his hand and was asking her a set of probing questions on the viability of a policy they were to implement. Both of them ignored Denise as he entered and sat on a table on the side.

The room has a several shelves of books on one side and tall arched windows on the opposite side. The Secretaries desk was placed at the end of the room away from the entrance and behind it lay a door leading to the Secretary’s private den. Connor would often use this den as a personal sanctuary, and at times spend the night there when his work prevented him from returning home.

As Connor’s chief of staff, Denise was able to walk into any meetings the Secretary was having and he was well known throughout the east wing – formally known as the Department of Economics and Finance. He had been serving the Secretary for over a decade, a period in which Connor was able to win the hearts of the people though a series of economic interventions that enriched Kategat.

The meeting quickly wrapped up as Connor closed the report and lay his glasses on the desk. He was approaching 65 and frequently appeared weary at the many policies, economic models and analysis of data that he received daily.

‘Sir, the King has called a Supreme Council meeting,’ Denise informed him, adding ‘you have to report to the palace at 3 PM.’

The King was not a real king, Denise was referring to the Most Honourable President of Kategat, William Dunn. William had ruled Kategat for the longest of all Presidents, soon to be 24 years of power. His continuous reign had led to the unofficial title King, which he often complained as being bad for his image.

‘I wonder what’s pressing him this time, our weekly meeting on the day before was long enough,’ Connor complained.

‘I’m not sure sir,’ Denise confessed.

Connor and Denise navigated through a labyrinth of corridors to reach the exit of the east wing where Connor’s polished black official jeep lay waiting. The two men got in the back and asked the Secretary’s private chauffer to take them to another of Kategat’s three monumental Governmental buildings, the Presidential Palace.

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