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‘These rulers keep abusing our people. The scum are always gradually usurping the rights of the people!’ Salzar said, slouched in his cosy armchair, hands on his head. ‘Aitken, when are you going to show me the letter?’ 

‘Aitken is really slow, never pleases his master does he?’ Raphoe injected. 

‘I'm just finishing it up,’ Aitken looked over his shoulder at Salzar. ‘One more minute sir.’ 

‘Oh, hurry up boy!’ urged Salzar. 

‘This is going to be tremendous, really good. We will finally rise, master,’ Raphoe said, tapping the fingers of his right hand on the on the knuckles of his left. He had a satisfactory grin on his scarred face.

‘Here it is sir’, Aitken said handing them both copies of the letter he had printed. Raphoe took it and read excitedly. 


RR fights for our hardworking people

The rulers have once again stomped over our hardworking poor. They have fallen to the whims of corporate scoundrels and proclaimed a reduction in the minimum wage. 

They have insulted the workers, whose sweat and hard work are the lifeblood of this country. How much gold have they received for this? How much more profit are the scoundrels going to make off our beloved brethren? How much of what is rightfully ours have they taken from us? 

Hardworking men and women, you deserve a fair share of the profits for your hard work. Let's not let them keep the gold and give you nickel. Those companies are nothing without you! This country is nothing without you!

Are they human and we animals that work for them? We need our dignity back. We have to rise up. Join the revolution, join RR, let's take back our blood right.


‘Oh nice! Let's send this out now. Let's give them something to think about!’ Raphoe said. 

‘Post it,’ Salzar commanded. ‘I pray for the strikes and protests this will rain on the scum! We need to gather our followers discreetly and organise something. Something better this time. ‘ 

‘Sure sir,’ Aitken said. ‘It will be on all our social media shortly.’ 

‘Where's Roe? The scent of rebellion makes me hungry,’ Salzar looked around and found Roe looking at him seated on the floor in a corner of the room.

‘I'll make you'll a sandwich, master,’ the servant whispered. 

‘Can we gather all comrades here? Very few know about this safehouse?’ Raphoe asked. 

‘Hmm. Yes let's get Marven and Ludwig first then. They can pass messages to our unions.’ Salzar said. ‘I don't like hiding from the scum. Once we have more power we should be able to shout at them from the open.’ 

‘We are getting good replies sir,’ Aitken interjected. 

Salzar rose from his throne and walked towards Aitken's desk to read the replies and comments. 

RR is hiding in the shadows pretending to care about us, one said. 

Thank you RR. Let's fight for our fair share. Strike! Strike! Strike!, the other said. 

When have they ever cared? We always poorer than the day before. We need to teach these rulers a lesson. 

Salzar looked quite happy at the responses, he had clearly ignored the first. ‘My ancestors will be proud of this revolution. The Karen family will be back on its perch,’ he smiled. ‘I need to make a call’ he said, leaving the living room. 

‘Nice Aitken nice, oh we can give them a strike for sure!’ Raphoe was whistling.

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