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Denise was seated on the sofa just outside the Supreme Council chamber. The corridor leading to the door appeared narrower than the day before. Perhaps he wasn't so impatient then. Today, he had been staring at the clock on the wall opposite him and wondered why the sound of ticking seemed quite loud. The councillors, including his boss Connor, had been meeting for over an hour. 

‘Excuse me,’ said a voice above him. ‘Are they still meeting?’

‘Erm, yes, yes they still are,’ Denise replied, snapping out of his daze. He recognised the heavily-built, clean shaven Lieutenant General as a military officer on the Presidential Staff.

The officer thanked him and proceed to tap at the double doors at the entrance of the chamber. One of the doors opened slightly and a security officer of the Presidential guard appeared from within. 

The two men spoke in whispers and the Lieutenant General waved a file he was carrying, apparently showing the officer one of its contents. The officer opened the door ajar and the lieutenant walked in. Denise could hear a member of the council within the room before the officer shut the door. 

He frowned as he tried to recall what part of the military the lieutenant was attached to. Based on the comparatively nondescript attire, he looked like an officer of the intelligence services. Was he Central Intelligence or Military Intelligence? he asked himself. Or Secret Surveillance Ops? Unlike CI and MI, SSO reported directly to the President and wasn't formally part of the military. Could that be why he had clearance to enter the chamber? He wondered what the message was. 

The doors burst open as a Presidential guard strolled out. This was followed by another, a few seconds later. Denise stood up as the President himself walked after. He made a slight bowing gesture and greeted him, saying, ‘Mr. President!’

The head of state nodded with passive acknowledgement as he walked past. The five other members of the council who attended walked after, only the Education Secretary was missing this time. 

Denise joined Connor as he walked towards the corridor and they proceeded to walk eastwards towards the atrium of the Presidential Palace and then south to the southern exits. The Economic Secretary looked flushed and Denise felt there was something he didn't like about the meeting. ‘How did it go?’ he asked feeling a bit apprehensive. 

‘A number of things and there was this nonsense about the munitions factories,’ he said, pausing to take a breath. ‘Wage cuts... We best talk about on it the jeep.’ Denise was aware of the people who casually waited around the Atrium and realised it was something Connor wanted to discuss with discretion. Munitions factories are not something you speak about in the presence of others. 

‘Who was the guy who entered the chamber?’ he asked. 

‘An officer from the SSO,’ Connor replied, ‘He had something about the RR being active again. That madman Salzar is making some noise.’

‘It doesn’t matter, RR is dead anyway, no one follows them anymore,’ Denise commented. 

‘Good thing Salzar doesn’t have an ounce of his father's wit,’ Connor said as he walked towards the exits, ‘The older Karen was a different customer altogether.’


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