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Used LG G6 vs New Redmi 7A

The LG G6 has been around since April 2017, while the Redmi 7A was launched in March this year (2019). Comparing them might not be a good idea at first glance, however there are avenues in which the phones are similar, and certain people do compare them.
Old LG G6 vs new Redmi 7A
Old LG G6 vs new Redmi 7A
The G6 can be got refurbished or in a like new condition for $150 (£120) and the Redmi 7A can be got for approximately the same price. The G6 rates about 150,000 on AnTuTu while the Redmi 7A puts out 80,000 on the benchmark. In terms of pure performance, the G6 is almost twice as fast as the Redmi 7A.

Like new or new
The question is whether users are willing to accept and use an older phone. A phone used for one year, could be used for another two as the phone lifecycle generally lasts at least three years. At a fixed under $150 budget, the G6 might be better for gaming than a shiny new phone. Games and apps would run twice as fast.

The pros of a G6
The LG G6 gives you a faster, but older Snapdragon 8 series processor (821) with a faster GPU (Adreno 5300). It has one GB more RAM (4 GB vs 3GB). It is also water resistant; the 7A is only “splash-proof”. It also has a 2k display (compared to a measly 720p of the 7A).

The pros of the 7A
The Redmi 7A comes with the newest operating system – Android 9.0, two generations ahead of the G6. It has a larger battery at 4000mAh. There is no other significant way the 7A beats the G6.
The older G6 clearly beats the 7A for anyone who uses gaming or any high-performance apps.

The 7A is good for users who want the latest version of Android and a shiny new phone. And considering most apps don’t require the latest version of Android anyway, the G6 is our choice for a under $150 budget.


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