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Exceptional but economical, two Shure Headphones explored

Shure is well known to put out products that target the audio professional and audiophiles – people who work in the recording or performing industries and at times individuals that claim to have wider audio response spectrum. However, as we explore the brand’s offerings further, you will also find devices that suite the regular headphone user and casual music listener too.

Just 10 years ago, Shure did not offer products for the regular user. It was only relatively recently that they offered headphones for the regular Joe and Jane. We delve into two of Shure’s more economical audio pieces, what we consider professionally crafted masterpieces for the non-professional user.


Even their most affordable offering – the SRH240A – features the neodymium drivers, the world’s strongest magnets. For an economical headphone, it has a rather stylish, polished demeanour, but is not too outlandish. You also get a gold-plated headphone jack but surprisingly does not appear to have good protection on the wires. They do claim their “Legendary Shure quality” so while the wires themselves are thin, they might last a good 3-4 years.
The SRH240A pairs well with a smartphone
The SRH240A pairs well with a smartphone
The ear-cup padding is comfortable and would easily cut out some decent ambient sound. It has a full 20Hz – 20KHz which can reproduce exceptional base. Most other headphones start at 200Hz which cuts out some of the deepest levels of base. It has an impedance of 38ohms so you’ll hear some amazing sound when connected to a high-power device like a laptop but still profound sound when listening to on a smartphone.

SRH440 Packaging
SRH440 Packaging
The 440 is about twice the price of the 240A but you certainly get a lot of advantages. The connecting wires are replaceable, and they look better than that of the 240. The wires must be screwed in rather than plugged in which ensures they don’t fall off when pulled.  The headphones are foldable and comes in an exquisite carrying bag. The cusps are highly adjustable whist looking very durable.
SRH440 Source: Instagram, @dubmethod
Source: Instagram, @dubmethod
You still get the superb 40mm neodymium magnet drivers that the SRH240A brings, but what is astounding is the range of sound. It starts at a crazy 10Hz – you could listen to even the punchiest of base – and goes all the way up to 22KHz. That’s a pitch so high that only 10-year-old kids and mosquitoes can pick up. There isn’t sound outside this spectrum that the human ear could pick up!
The impedance is 44ohms, so it might not be perfect for smartphones but would work well with devices with more driving power – like a laptop or TV.  If you are in between an audiophile and a human, this is what Kategat recommends to you.

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